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So what is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio also known as ham radio is a technical hobby enjoyed worldwide.

Those who take up the hobby often have a technical background; however prior knowledge is not essential and people from all walks of life have been successful and qualified to apply for a license. Specific bands and frequencies are allocated for use by those licensed. See Wikipedia for a fuller explanation.



M0SKM is my call-sign which was allocated to me when I passed the UK advanced level exam, the first two characters relate to the grade and country of origin. At present it is possible to choose the last three characters but this has not always been the case. SKM are my initials. There are three exam grades in the UK at present; they are Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Licenses are issued by OFCOM.


Amateur Radio encompasses many technologies and can be as simple or as complex as you want it. Some amateurs prefer the operating side of the hobby and others designing and building their own equipment, others enjoy both in equal measure. For those starting out in the hobby much pleasure can be had from owning a basic handheld radio, at the other end of the scale you could be sending TV pictures terrestrially or through satellites. My own particular bias is towards amateur television and satellite operation; I chose the .TV domain to reflect this.

Blog Posts

Some of the posts in my blog have earlier dates and these have been extracted from a previous website which was damaged. When possible I will bring more of the undamaged posts across. Feel free to use the contact menu if there are any posts you wish to discuss.

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My name is Steve Marshall and I hope you find something of interest on my new website (May 2018).

Thanks for looking.

Steve M0SKM