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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 17:59

Slow Scan TV from the Space Station

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Today I did some preparation for the BATC Activity Weekend which coincides with the IARU ATV Contest. Charging batteries and packing all the 5GHz kit into a crate for Saturday was top of the list.

During a break I remembered a Russian SSTV test was scheduled for today and tomorrow; I popped into the shack and switched on my TS2000. We don't have a satellite antenna so I just left the collinear hooked up; it often works well with low angle passes.

Well before the ISS came over the horizon I could hear she was active; it was a shame because the signal was quickly very strong, all I got was the last third of a picture. I waited for the second picture and received the one below when the ISS was at best 14 degrees above the horizon.

At the start picture three was strong and clear; alas LOS was too soon.

Back to my picking list for the weekend.

Let’s hope the current good weather is still with us then.


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