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Tuesday, 30 October 2018 15:01

Slow Scan TV from the International Space Station 27/29-10-2018

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To celebrate the 60th birthday of NASA the international Space Station transmitted a series of twelve pictures; of those I received ten which were fair. I'm quite pleased with them given my antenna is a fixed turnstile about eight feet above ground.

For those new to Slow Scan TV (SSTV) the pictures are converted to audio tones and transmitted over a radio link. In this case a frequency of 145.800 Megahertz. While the frequency is allocated to licenced amateur radio use; anyone with a radio scanner could receive the pictures and decode them with a mobile phone app.

Here are five received this weekend 27 to 28th October 2018. Interference on the pictures can be due to a number of issues; typically movement of the ISS or electrical noise at the receiving station.


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