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Sunday, 13 January 2019 10:49

Receive DATV Signals using a dongle and SDRangel (Windows Version)

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One of my friends recently showed me an interesting YouTube video; a tutorial on receiving digital amateur TV pictures with SDRangel. All I've done is follow the instructions in the video and tested SDR devices which I own. Both RTL dongles worked fine; with the newer metal cased version suffering less drift. My LimeSDR Mini also performed faultlessly; and with the increased frequency range over the RTL devices is a better choice for me. The last test has not worked out well so far and that's using an ADALM Pluto, I understand USB performance may be an issue with this device. I'm still looking at the Pluto setup and I'll add some notes here if I can get it to work. What I'm seeing is an odd shaped constellation with the four points looking like four tear drops.

Below here are a couple of screen grabs showing results at 437MHz and symbol rate 333kS/s.

Link to the SDRangel download which has the DATV plugin included.

Link to the YouTube tutorial video. Below the video you'll find links to ffmpeg and a script which you run to add ffmpeg to your Windows path.

Hope you enjoy playing with this as much as I have. Lastly thanks to YouTuber "Corrosive" KR0SIV.


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