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Tuesday, 22 May 2018 22:00

Survey Tripod Modification

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While out and about with my 5GHz ATV portable set-up my modified survey tripod has been a talking point. As standard they have a 60mm hole in the centre of the head; a gimbal fitted with a 3/8" threaded screw is used to secure the measuring instrument.


What I needed was a pole mount to secure either a dish or WiFi grid; I removed the gimbal and frankly I had no idea how to make the required change. It was later the same week I recalled another club member had some brackets specially made by a company in Nottinghamshire; I gave them a call. Photographs and measurements were emailed and within a few days I received a drawing.

In this view of the underside of the tripod head you can see the peg on which the gimbal was mounted.


Below is a picture of the completed modification; which was created without making any changes to the tripod head. Apart from refitting the gimbal there's nothing more required to restore the tripod to its original condition.


If you're looking for any special brackets for your antenna installation I recommend you have a chat with Brian; see link below.




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