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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 22:24

Power Amplifier for 2 Metres - Continued

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Well the Res Ingenium THV15 VHF pallet amplifier arrived from the Netherlands as expected. I quickly unpacked it to check it was all okay, it had been described as brand new old stock. Sure enough the amplifier was in the original packing and sealed in an anti-static bag....great.

What was needed now was a few hours work to make it usable.

Following a visit to Arthur G4CPE I left with some useful tips and a gift of a chunk of heat sink; off I went to make the pallet a home. I should mention that the heat sink and its base compartment was over a foot long, time to fit a new blade to the hacksaw and locate the tin snips. An entire morning later I had a smaller chunk of metal and a roughly fashioned base. I don't have a metal folding machine so the base was reshaped by brute force on the end of my workmate. It looks great from one side.

There is a solder pad on the PCB, a point you can ground to remove the bias for power down but I decided not to use it at the moment, for now I'll switch the 26volts. So not too much soldering was required just SMA in /outs, power supply and fan. It probably took longer to test and set up than it did to build, I couldn't take risks with this valuable amplifier.

The amp which is rated at 15 Watts has 30dB gain and Arthur had found his was most linear at around 4 Watts. My driver amp was to be the 7 Watt Minikits amplifier which up until now had been run as a low power PA. Some padding reduced the drive power to the 6dBm I was looking for.

In a hurry to get the project finished and working I didn't take many pictures of the build, below are a few just before the fan was wired.

On Thursday this week the PA was hooked up to my 2m DATV kit and it performed superbly.Our next test will be over a longer path to Ian G3KKD in Cambridgeshire.





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