Travelling north from Bedfordshire our destination was the gateway to West Haddon Pumping Station in Northamptonshire. It wasn't a location we were familiar with; just somewhere that Arthur (G4CPE) looked up on the map.

Prior to our departure I had checked the place out on Google Earth; noting that the driveway opposite was lined with tall trees. It seem our signal with would pass the 10th tree from our end of the drive; an observation which proved useful later.

On arrival we set up our kit which at that time included a commercial encoder; signals were MPEG2 at 543K's/s. Lining up the antenna on the tenth tree our signal was received easily by Arthur in Upper Sundon, Bedfordshire. Who needs a compass?

I should mention that pictures were one way because we didn't have a receiver in the car.

Just a few pictures showing our setup.